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Apple pie from the ’70

Recipe from the past

My mother used to make this apple pie when we had visitors. It is easy to make, comes from the Dr Oetker baking booklet from the 1970s, and is still as delicious as ever.

In fact, this apple pie is actually an apple cake. You cover the pastry with apple slices. After it has baked and cooled down, you cover it with warmed apricot jam, which makes it easy to spread the jam all over the cake.

Apple pie from the 70s

Dr Oetker's apple pie from the 1970s, still tasty and also very easy.
Voorbereiding 15 minutes
Bereiding 30 minutes
Totale tijd 45 minutes
Course: Pastry
Keyword: apple, apple pie, pastry
Porties: 1 pie


  • 1 springform pan 24 cm


  • 100 gr (vegetable) butter
  • 100 gr caster sugar
  • 125 gr self-raising flour (or all-purpose flour with 1 teaspoon baking powder)
  • 1 bag vanilla sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 sour apples
  • 1/2 jar apricot jam


  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
  • Mix all ingredients, except the apples, together until a smooth batter is formed.
  • Grease the springform pan and fill it with the batter.
  • Peel the apples and cut them into quarters. Cut in every quarter. Press the apple pieces into the batter.
  • Bake the pie for about 30 minutes. Try with a skewer if the pie is well cooked. If the stick comes out clean, the pie is ready.
  • Let the pie cool on a rack.
  • Heat the apricot jam so that it becomes liquid. Pour this over the pie and spread the jam with a spatula.
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