Always vegetarian, often vegan

Who are we?

Helen de Jong
Helen van Eupen

Let’s introduce ourselves. We are Helen de Jong and Helen van Eupen. Helen van Eupen is the cook. Helen de Jong is the baker. We live in Spain in the province of Alicante. We met at a nice party with friends. “Are you also a Helen?” How funny! We quickly got to know each other and got on well. And so we met often.

Helen van Eupen lives with her husband, dogs, cats and chickens in a masia, a rustic Spanish house. Yoga teachers come there with their groups to stay. She cooks for them. At the start of her business, she was in need of help with the furnishing of a number of guest rooms. Helen de Jong came to the rescue and styled the entire masia. 

Helen de Jong lives with her family and her 5 dogs in a rural area filled with olive and almond groves. Helen has been a volunteer at the animal shelter for a number of years and is a keen photographer. One thing led to another. She is now a photographer and takes pictures of the recipes for the food blog. She also photographs interiors, nature and animals.

After our collaboration with the house, we found we enjoyed working together on a project so we decided to start another one. The result is this foodblog Helen cooks and Helen bakes.

Why a foodblog?

As vegetarians and gourmets, we really want to show that vegetarian and vegan cooking is very tasty and not at all complicated. We have already passed the stage of what do you eat, just grass? We create and look for recipes that fit into the busy lives of working people, students on a budget, people who want to switch from meat and fish to vegetarian, and anyone who likes variety. Not a finger pointing, but a helping hand. You will never hear us say you can’t have meat in your dish. Our point is that it is just as tasty without meat.

We have had many requests for the recipes on our Helen cooks and Helen bakes blogs from English and Spanish friends. Everyone can enjoy and get ideas for a delicious meal on our new website Helen cooks and Helen bakes in three languages.

Enjoy your dinner!

Enjoy your meal!