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The famous strawberry pie with pastry cream from the south of the Netherlands

We'll admit it. The Helen who cooks is from Limburg in the South of the Netherlands. And here in Spain, she missed the real flans from her homeland. Now she can't bake at all, so the Helen who bakes had to get to work with flan dough. The first flan to succeed was this delicious strawberry flan where the bottom is first filled with delicious pastry cream and then completely covered with strawberries. So this is how Limburg just comes to Spain.

What makes a pie a ¨Limburgian vlaai¨?

A Limburg vlaai contains a round flat bottom of yeast dough with raised edges with a maximum diameter of 30 centimetres. The base may be a maximum of 1 cm thick but sufficiently firm to be eaten out of the hand as a pie. So the difference between flans and pies is in the base. Flan dough is yeast dough and therefore needs time to rise.


Gastronomy from the South of the Netherlands

The people of Limburg are known for their hospitality and their burgundy spirit. In my youth, it was therefore perfectly normal to see a huge arsenal of home-baked flans on my grandparents’ kitchen table. Rice flan, apricot flan, apple crumble flan and, in summer, this strawberry pie.

Strawberry pie

This super tasty, fresh strawberry pie (originated in the Dutch province of Limburg) is loved by many people. Eat it as is, with whipped cream or sprinkle with icing sugar. The choice is yours.
Voorbereiding 35 minutes
Bereiding 25 minutes
Totale tijd 1 hour
Course: Pastry
Cuisine: Dutch
Keyword: custard, pastry, strawberries


  • 1 pie tin, 28 cm in diameter
  • blind box filling



  • Bake the bottom for the flan according to the instructions for flan base dough.
  • Once the flan has cooled, fill the base with the curstard according to the instructions for the custard.
  • Top the custard with halved strawberries.
  • Add whipped cream to taste, or powdered sugar or nothing.
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