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Smoking of ingredients

How do you smoke ingredients with pans that you probably just have in the cupboard.

Many dishes are made tastier by adding a smoky flavor to them. Many products can already be purchased smoked, but not everything and certainly not everywhere. We therefore looked for a technique in which we can smoke ingredients ourselves. 

Marinating dry ingredients


First we marinate the soy chunks. The marinade makes the chunks moist and a little salty. We often marinate with Marmite, but salty soy sauce also works well.


Dilute the Marmite or the soy sauce with a little water. Stir in the ingredients you want to smoke. We used soy chunks here. Leave the chunks in the marinade for at least 30 minutes.

The smoking


Put a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of the pan you are using. This is to protect the bottom of the pan. Place a handful of wood chips on the foil.


You place the colander on the wood chips, or the steamer on the pan. You place the ingredient to be smoked in the steamer or colander and put the lid on the pan.

Then turn on the fire under the pan. Within minutes, the wood chips will begin to smoke. The smoke passes through the ingredient through the holes in the steamer or colander. After a few minutes, the ingredient has already acquired the smoky taste. Then turn off the heat under the pan and let the pan cool with the lid still on. We do the latter so as not to put the entire kitchen under smoke.

smoking soy

After a few minutes the smoke will disappear and you can use the smoked ingredient in the recipe.