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Cauilflower steak with salsa verde

Cauliflower steak, easy to make on the barbecue, in a grillpan. We made it with a salsa verde, roasted cauliflower and some nice purees.

Cauliflower steak with salsa verde

Cauliflower steak is so easy to prepare and you give it any flavor you want with the spices. We seasoned this Mexican and we combined it with roasted cauliflower florets, delicious salsa verde, some carrot puree, cauliflower puree and pickled carrot strands.
Voorbereiding 10 minutes
Bereiding 10 minutes
Totale tijd 20 minutes
Course: Main Course, Main dish
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: Carrots, Cauliflower, salsa verde, vegan
Porties: 1 portion


Cauliflower steak with roasted cauliflower florets

  • 1 small cauliflower
  • 2 tbsp Mexican spices
  • olive oil, pepper, salt

Salsa Verde

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 chili
  • 1 hand fresh coriander
  • 2 hands fresh parsley

Carrot puree and Cauliflower puree

  • 3 carrots
  • 1 tsp Vadouvan (by Jonnie Boer)
  • rest of your cauliflower
  • 3 tbsp (vegetable) milk
  • 2 tbsp (vegetable) margarine or butter

Pickled carrot strings

  • 1 carrot
  • 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar
  • pepper and salt


Pickled carrot strings

  • Peel a carrot and use the fine peeler to make carrot strings.
  • Mix the vinegar with a little salt and place the carrot strands in it. Let stand for half an hour.

Cauliflower steak with roasted cauliflower florets

  • Cut off the greens of the cauliflower. Now cut a thick steak from the center, about 2 cm thick. Cut off some small florets and cut the rest of the cauliflower into small pieces.
  • Preheat the grill or use a grill pan
  • Blanch the cauliflower steak for 5 minutes in boiling water with a little salt.
  • Mix the Mexican herbs with a few tablespoons of olive oil until you get a nice paste. Dip the cauliflower florets in this marinade and place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
  • Brush the cauliflower steak with the rest of the marinade and place it on the baking tray with the florets.
  • Bake the cauliflower steak and the florets for about 25 minutes. Flip it halfway through so the grill marks can be seen on each side. Check after 15 minutes if the florets are already cooked. Then you take them out of the oven. The steak should be firm but already cooked.
    If your oven doesn't have a grill function, it also works fine in a hot grill pan.

Cauliflower puree and carrot puree

  • Boil the carrots and cauliflower in separate pans in water with a little salt.
  • Pureer de groenten met een beetje (plantaardige) melk en wat margarine of boter.
  • Mix a teaspoon of Vadouvan with the carrot puree and stir well.

Salsa Verde

  • Finely chop the parsley, fresh coriander and chili pepper.
  • Mix all ingredients. Taste and add more pepper if you like it extra spicy.
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