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Blackened leeks

Let leeks boil in their own skin in the oven. The skin will turn totally black, your guests will be curious how you can serve this plate. But once you open the leek with a sharp knive, your kitchen will smell of the most delicious leeks you ever tasted.

Blackened leeks

Years ago, when we were first presented with this dish, we thought it was a joke. Who now proudly serves blackened leeks? But when we cut open the leek with a sharp knife and the room suddenly smelled completely of leek, and we tasted the delicious taste, we were done. Do you receive visitors who want to surprise you? Or do you have little time to cook? Either way, this is your recipe. Quick, easy, impressive and incredibly tasty. Delicious with a dash of good olive oil or a vinaigrette.
Voorbereiding 5 minutes
Bereiding 40 minutes
Totale tijd 45 minutes
Course: Main Course, Side Dish, Vegan
Keyword: blackened, leek, vegan, vegetable
Porties: 2 portions


  • 2 leeks


  • Wash the leeks but only cut off the dark green. Just leave the root and outer leaves on.
  • Place the leeks under the grill. Turn every 10 minutes so that the leek is blackened all over. After 15 minutes, the kitchen starts to smell like leeks.
  • Are the leeks completely black? Then serve them on a plate and give everyone a sharp knife.
  • Cut open the leek and remove the light green leek, cooked in its own leaf. Drizzle over some vinaigrette or olive oil. Enjoy your dinner
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